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We are Chris and Lisa Henderson, a Coaching Team that works with Individuals, Married Couples and Groups. 

L&C Coaches Chris and Lisa Henderson

Lisa Henderson

L&C Coach Lisa Henderson

Lisa works individually with women, couples, and groups. 

Lisa is a Life Coach that has years of experience helping others to uncover barriers in their lives, create action plans, and achieve their goals. She is an authentic, compassionate, Faith filled, encourager! Her passion is to help others improve their lives and achieve their dreams. She loves to share her knowledge and experience to encourage, guide, and empower women to find confidence, clarity, purpose and fulfillment.

Lisa combines numerous techniques to help her clients.  It’s a mixture of empathy and understanding for where the client is, while also providing accountability to take action to change. She requires her clients to create an action step each week. This helps them to move forward towards their goals and provides accountability. The client doesn’t just have a breakthrough in session and then it goes no farther, they also have to take action to achieve a lasting change in their lives. 

Chris Henderson

L&C Coach Chris Henderson

Chris works individually with men, couples, and groups. 

Chris is a Life Coach that uses his own experiences, expertise, and tools to help with internal digging to uncover what you really care about and what you really want for your life. Using that information, I can help you shape your life for the better, whether that means adopting new habits with relationships, reprioritizing time and attention, or adjusting behaviors to lead you closer to your goals. 

I am a husband and father that is dedicated to his family, only second to Christ. By placing Christ first in my life, my relationships have become more intimate with my family and stronger than ever before. 

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