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As life coaches, we lead each Individual into an increased self-confidence, clearer direction, and greater fulfillment than he or she would have had otherwise. Below is a general list of areas that we coach individuals one-on-one.

                                                            - Recovery & Addiction              - Setting Boundaries

                                                            - Stress/Anxiety                           - Grief

                                                            - Trauma                                        - Communication

                                                           - Relationships                               - Life Transitions

                                                           - Leadership                                   - Career/Entrepreneur

                                                           - Lack of Fulfillment                     - Accountability

Individual Coaching Session Pricing: $75 Per Session


As Certified SYMBIS Facilitators, we use this assessment tool to walk you both through this journey and guide you through the steps of interpreting your report while incorporating the skills necessary to help you set your marriage up for success. 


Pre-Marital Pricing: (4) Session Package $320-or- $90 Per Session



We help married couples who want to improve their relationship and explore new ways to connect with each other. 

Communication is key in a relationship and is often a stumbling block for many couples. There can be a lack of or just different styles of communicating. We will use techniques and give you tools to help identify what the problem is and the best way to move forward. 

Below is a general list of areas that we Coach Married Couples.

                                                                        - Communication                    - Infidelity (in person/virtual)

                                                                        - Conflict Resolution              - Lack of Support 

                                                                        - Finances                                 - Separation

                                                                       - Boundaries                             - Remarriage

                                                                       - Blended Family                     - Preventing Divorce


Marriage Pricing: (6) Session Package $480 or $90 Per Session


Groups are for men and women in need of recovery and healing from the effects of unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal. 

As Certified Pure Desire Group Leaders, we lead separate groups for those struggling and the betrayed. These groups support men and women in their recovery by providing a safe, confidential place to process their life story: learning how family of origin, traumatic experiences, and wounding messages impact relationships. 

Betrayal & Beyond (Women's Group): 

Explores the truth and nature of sexual addiction, and how women are wounded by the addict's behaviors. For women who have suffered betrayal, their healing comes from understanding the role of trauma, establishing healthy boundaries, exploring the depth of forgiveness, and learning to live in restoration. 

7 Pillars (Men's Group):

Raises awareness of the self-delusion and denial found among many men who struggle with sex and pornography addiction. Gaining a greater understanding of the addiction process and sexually compulsive patterns, this group experience will provide the safety, support, and tools needed to establish lifelong healing. 

Unraveled (Women's Group):

Guides women through the process of healing- exploring how our past pain and trauma, family of origin, and life circumstances shape how we behave in relationships. Many women who struggle with love, sex, porn, and relationship addictions are unable to sustain healthy relationships with romantic partners, family members, and friends. We desperately want to feel loved and accepted but are continually disappointed by relationships. The pain and shame of our unwanted sexual behaviors leads us to a place we never intended.  

Compassionate Warrior (Men's Group):

This group is for Men that have been through 7 Pillars and are ready to go deeper in their healing: deeper in a relationship with God, with the people they love, with their family and friends, and even with themselves. It will address aspects of what they need to be healthy in several areas of their lives: physically, emotionally, relationally, sexually, and spiritually.

Group Pricing: (12) Sessions $35 Per Session ($420)

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