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Helping you discover awareness that brings transformation

L&C Coaches Chris and Lisa Henderson


L&C Coach Lisa Henderson
L&C Coach Chris Henderson

Lisa Henderson

Chris Henderson

Lisa is a trained PCCI Life Coach, Certified Pure Desire Group Leader, and Certified SYMBIS Marriage Facilitator

Lisa works with Women, Married Couples, and Groups.

Chris is a trained PCCI Life Coach, Certified Pure Desire Group Leader, and Certified SYMBIS Marriage Facilitator

Chris works with Men, Married Couples, and Groups.

L&C Coaching Services

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As life coaches, we lead each Individual into an increased self-confidence, clearer direction, and greater fulfillment than he or she would have had otherwise.

- Recovery & Addiction

- Grief

- Trauma

- Relationships

- Boundaries

- Stress / Anxiety

- Lack of Fulfillment

- Life Transitions

- Career / Entrepreneur

- Leadership





Marriage Coaching will be a valuable investment in your marriage, whether you are newly engaged or have been married for decades. We help couples move from where they are to where they want to be. 

As Certified SYMBIS Facilitators, we use this assessment tool for the intake session. 

Empty Chairs


Groups are for men and women in need of recovery and healing from the effects of unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal. 

As Certified Pure Desire Group Leaders, we lead separate groups for those struggling and the betrayed. These groups support men and women in their recovery by providing a safe, confidential place to process their life story: learning how family of origin, traumatic experiences, and wounding messages impact relationships. 


"I have struggled with self doubt and low self worth for years, thinkingthere was something wrong with me, not realizing i was hearing the voice of trauma trying to tear me down. I tried self help books and reaching out to friends or family, but it wasn't until I connected with a real person that I was able to confront the real, deep struggles head on. My coach, Lisa Henderson, lifts me up and calls me out; I know I can trust her expertise. With her guidance, I've been able to overcome negative thought patterns and crippling fear. I am now speaking confidently, and don't shy away from difficult conversations. I have found and am embracing my best me."
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